Himba People of Namibia

This is one of our favorite cultural visits in Namibia.


Meet the Himba people of Namibia’s Kaokoland.  The Himba are a group of semi-nomadic pastoralists who live in the Kaokoland area of Namibia. They are descendants of a group of Herero herders who fled to the north-west of Namibia after being displaced by the Nama people.

Namibia, Himba tribe

The Himba rub their bodies with red ochre and fat to protect themselves from the sun, and the women also add mixtures of aromatic herbs in their skin rub to fragrance their bodies. The Himba make numerous beautiful jewellery items, mostly from iron, ostrich shells, and, more recently, from PVC pipes. Their intricate designs have become popular among Western tourists. Himba homes are cone-shaped and made from palm leaves, cattle dung and mud.

Namibia, Himba

During a stay at Serra Cafema Camp in Namibia one can visit a Himba village in the area. On this guided visit you will be taught about the fascinating culture of the Himba people and gain greater knowledge and appreciation of cultural heritage while respecting the values and aspirations of the Himba community.

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