A safari with a difference! Become a Wilderness Eco-Expert

Learn from the best and become an expert on Africa’s rich ecosystem, conservation agendas and the ancient art of tracking wild animals.
Our pioneering seven-day programme offers a life-changing wildlife experience in remote Botswana, where your classroom is one of Africa’s finest wilderness areas, and your teachers highly-skilled Wilderness Safaris private guides.

Programme Dates (choose one):
10-16 Feb 2019 (Guide Trainer – Letsogile Kamogelo)
10-16 Mar 2019 (Guide Trainer – Victor Horatius)
Cost: $3,750 per person sharing (No single supplement)

Accommodation: Linyanti Tented Camp

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Wilderness Safaris Eco Expert Program

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The Best of Zimbabwe- African Bush Camps

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Best of Zimbabwe
African Bush Camps

Mana Pools
Kanga Camp
Pristine and undeveloped, this area gives you a pure, unspoilt, private African safari experience.

Hwange National Park
Somalisa Camp
Award winning tented camp in the heart of Hwange.
If you love elephants, your heart will be lost forever!


Lake Kariba
Bumi Hills Safari Lodge

Bumi Hills is home to lion, leopard, big herds of elephant and buffalo, as well as a multitude of different plains game. Guests can indulge in superb fishing in the lake.
*See video below

The Creator of these African Bush Camps – Beks

“I met this young man on the first group trip I escorted to Botswana about 15 yrs ago.
His name is Beks, he was one of the camp managers at Matusadona Water camp on Lake Kariba.
A splendid camp where you had to canoe to get to each floating bungalow
& main camp among the Hippos and crocks!
We became friends & each evening he would tell me of his plans.
He had a dream, he was 26!
He wanted to build wonderful camps in Zimbabwe where he was from, he had specific ideas…….
The rest is history!
Welcome to his award-winning camps in Zimbabwe!”

-Cindi LaRaia
owner of Africa Discovery

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Russel Friedman Wins PURE Award for Contribution to Experiential Travel

September 2018 – The late Russel Friedman – one of Wilderness Safaris’ co-founders, a pioneer of sustainable ecotourism, a champion for vulture conservation and a true safari industry stalwart – has received the 2018 PURE Award for his enormous contribution to experiential travel. The awards were announced at an exclusive ceremony held during the PURE Life Experiences travel trade show in Marrakesh, Morocco, on 11 September 2018.

Russel FriedmanRussel played an instrumental role in the growth and success of Wilderness Safaris and its non-profit partners, Children in the Wilderness and the Wilderness Wildlife Trust

Now in its sixth year, the PURE Awards are held annually to celebrate excellence in the field of high-end experiential travel. After the judging panel selected a shortlist of finalists for seven categories, PURE attendees voted for the most deserving initiative in each one.

“It is an honour to accept this award on Russel’s behalf and we’d like to thank PURE and our valued network of travel trade partners for giving him this esteemed and much-deserved recognition”, said Wilderness Safaris Chief Sales Officer, Dave Bennett. “Although we were deeply saddened to say farewell to Russel in February 2018, we are proud to celebrate his legacy and to receive this recognition for the numerous achievements he made to sustainable ecotourism in Africa”.

In the 1970s, Russel had been instrumental in founding the Vulture Study Group and pioneering a change in attitudes to these birds (hence his nickname ‘Vulcha’), and by the early 1980s was running the country’s most influential natural history book dealer and publisher. It was through the book business that he met Colin Bell and Chris MacIntyre, the other two founding partners of Wilderness Safaris. He supplied them, and a host of other naturalists, with books and material for their overland safaris into Botswana and Zimbabwe from Johannesburg. It wasn’t long though before he joined the fledgling business – in 1984, quickly making a substantial impact not only with his conservation ethos, but also his considerable business acumen.

Russel’s enormous contribution to the development of Wilderness Safaris is one that is not widely enough known. As its longest-serving co-founder, Russel played a pivotal part in its growth and development, over the years taking on roles of Trustee of the Wilderness Wildlife Trust, Chairman of Children in the Wilderness (CITW), while still being a core member of the Vulture Study Group, an avid mountain-biker and passionate patron and cyclist leader of the annual Nedbank Tour de Tuli mountain bike fundraising event; not to mention an adventurous traveller and fun-loving, loyal and committed friend and family man.

Through all Russel’s travels, he made friends with guests and donors far and wide, spreading the Wilderness story and raising thousands of dollars to ensure the sustainability and success of CITW, as well as for the Wilderness Wildlife Trust. Russel knew that in order for conservation to be successful, it was vital to ensure that the people living in or adjacent to wilderness areas directly benefitted from ecotourism as well.

He made an incredible contribution to the empowerment of Africa’s people and the protection of its wilderness areas and is enormously missed, not only by his family but by many in the vulture conservation community, the book dealer and publishing world, the cycling fraternity and of course, several generations of CITW and Wilderness Safaris employees who he mentored and guided.

“To this day, after some 34 years of passionate commitment, Russel was still an integral part of our Wilderness family and business. It is with deep gratitude that we remember him and the role he played in our lives, the life of the company and to experiential travel as a whole”, Dave concluded.

Ghana, Togo, Benin: Odwira Festival 2019

Ghana, Togo, Benin: Akwasidae Festival



(Special Event) 

12 DAYS / 11 NIGHTS 

Scheduled departure date from Lome in 2019: 

Apr 12th 

Minimum 2 – Maximum 16 participants 

Our fantastic cultural odyssey to the most remote regions of Ghana, Togo and Benin to discover lost tribal worlds ruled by traditional chiefs and ancient spirits. 

Along the coast, in the heart of voodoo original regions, we encounter practitioners, watch trance-dances and learn about the great influence voodoo spirits still have on people. 

Heading inland from the forest to the savannah, we discover the Taneka tribe on a rocky mountain, then the Tamberma with their fairy-tale clay adobe castles and finally we enter the Ashanti kingdom in Kumasi forests. 

We end our tour exploring the former Gold Coast, with the largest European castles in Africa; centuries remain of gold and slave trade. 

Indeed the most complete and spectacular way to discover West Africa rich patrimony of Tribes, Kingdoms, festivals and ceremonies. 

Great experience combined with the choice of comfortable accommodations. 

For travellers who want to get acquainted with this unique region … and love Africa! 


Apr 21st 2019, the Ashanti people will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Reign of their King with big Akwasidae.

This particular festival will be quite unique as it will also incorporate for the first time in many years the ODWIRA FESTIVAL, meaning the cleansing and purification of the souls by several religious rituals.

Apart from one of these main traditional events, participants to the tour will always attend the following events:

– an interesting voodoo ceremony

– a spectacular fire dance

– an “Ashanti funeral”: festive celebration that consecrates the return of the spirit of an ancestor.

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Fire Dance
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Introducing Guide in Training Program by Ultimate Safaris

Ultimate Safaris News

Ultimate Safaris believes in providing great opportunities for families to come on safari. Our positive approach means that we allocate a specialist guide to family safaris who is trained and caring, and who can help to inspire children to learn and love the wilderness.

Those families who choose to book a ‘Family Safari’ have their own private vehicle and their own guide who will look after them from the start to the end of their Namibian safari, and automatically qualify for our GUIDED IN TRAINING program.

The program varies for each family and is based partly on the ages, sex, and interests of the children. Our guide’s aim is to not only keep the children entertained but also to ensure that they learn about what they get to see. Generally, activities include mammal, bird and plant identification as well as learning about night sounds and tracking some of the smaller creatures such as lizards and beetles. For family safaris, we also choose to stay in camps/lodges/hotels where staff are accustomed to children and also happy to involve the children in duties where possible – and they are often found helping to prepare snacks in the kitchen with the chefs (NOTE: this is obviously subject to the particular camps/lodges/hotels used). In essence, the children are either busy or asleep, and always happy – and busy children ultimately mean a relaxing holiday for their parents!

Family safaris are not in any way lesser or ‘watered down’ safaris; they still offer great areas, top guides and excellent experiences, but with the high degree of flexibility that families often need.

View program:  Ultimate Namibia Safari

Ultimate Safaris

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Zimbabwe: The Mana Madness Special


Free flights in and out of Mana Pools National Park

Validity: 1 April to 30 June 2017 & 2018
Featured Camps: Any African Bush Camps property in Zimbabwe
Minimum Nights: 6
Rates: Standard rates apply for Somalisa Camp, Somalisa Acacia, Kanga Camp and Zambezi Expeditions and receive FREE Flights with Safari Logistics in & out of Mana Pools National Park (all other flights are at standard rates)

* In order to receive the Free Flights’ offer, guests are required to spend at least 3 nights in one of our Mana Pools properties in either Kanga Camp or Zambezi Expeditions
* Cannot combine with other special offers

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