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Great Plains rhino, Great Plains Foundation, Rhinos without borders

Rhinos Without Borders in particular received a lot of recognition and acknowledgement this month through a successful partnership between Great Plains Conservation and GoPro.

GoPro released a completely interactive and immersive Virtual Reality Rhino Relocation clip on the 15th March. This video received 1,63 million views in the first week of it’s release…which shocked even the publishers at GoPro it seems!

You do not need any special glasses to move around and explore this world – just open the link on your phone, iPad or computer and enjoy this incredible experience.

Rhinos without borders, Great Plains Foundation

Rhinos Without Borders was also referenced as an example of a successful Rhino relocation project in an article recently published on the well respected website.

And once again, Rhinos Without Borders is mentioned in the International Traveller Online Magazine – as an Ecotourism Partnership that they applaud for its work in conservation.


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