Tanzania- Private Mobile safari- Check this out! 

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Go on an African Adventure in 2019!

Featured here is a 10 day Private
Mobile Safari in Tanzania.

We at Africa Discovery love the flexibility of having our very own private mobile tented safari camp for families and close friends, the magic number here is 6!

This particular safari offers a mix of Lodge and your very own ‘private intimate mobile tented camp’ in the beautiful Tarangire Nantional Park! Traverse through the stunning Lake Manyara, stay in a the lovely Plantation Lodge near the Ngorongoro Crater. Meander with your private vehicle and guide onto the Central Serengeti on Game drive with a night in the Central Serengeti until you arrive at your very own ‘private intimate mobile tented camp’ at the banks of the Mara River in Northern Serengeti. This is strategically placed near the crossing points of the Wildebeest annual Migration! You will be able to witness several crossings with your own eyes as they make there way back down across the Mara River into the north Serengeti!

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