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Safaris in Zambia
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Zambia Safaris

Enormous, remote and wildlife-filled

If you are looking for that very remote African wildlife nature experience,
you will love Zambia!
Zambia is unspoiled by mass tourism, and is rich in wildlife, superb forests and meandering rivers.
Of course it’s also where you can see the world’s biggest waterfall, the Victoria Falls.
It is one of the seven natural wonders of the world!

We are featuring two Zambia safaris on this newsletter:

10 Night South Luangwa, Lower Zambezi & Victoria Falls 2019
Stylish comfort in prime safari destinations
10 Nights Great Parks of Zambia 2019
Journey to Zambia’s untouched gems

*Keep an eye out for more unique safaris in the near future!



What’s happening in West Africa?


Ghana, Togo and Benin: Odwira Festival 2019
12 Days / 11 Nights

Our fantastic cultural odyssey to the most remote regions of Ghana, Togo and Benin
to discover lost tribal worlds ruled by traditional chiefs and ancient spirits.

Apr 21st 2019, the Ashanti people will celebrate
the 20th anniversary of Reign of their King with big Akwasidae.
This particular festival will be quite unique as it will also incorporate for the first time in many years
meaning the cleansing and purification of the souls by several religious rituals.
Apart from one of these main traditional events, participants to the tour will always attend the following events:
an interesting voodoo ceremony
a spectacular fire dance
an “Ashanti funeral”: festive celebration that consecrates the return of the spirit of an ancestor.

Indeed the most complete and spectacular way to discover West Africa rich patrimony
of Tribes, Kingdoms, festivals and ceremonies.


Ghana: Dipo Ceremonies & Aboakyer Festival
10 Days / 9 Nights
April 26th, 2019

A unique amazing journey where we attend two of the most important festivals of the country.
The Krobo region is famous for its glass beads and for initiation rites which only apply to girls.  Dipo is the name of the “process” through which a young girl becomes an adult woman, fully integrated into her society.

Aboakyer, also known as the ‘deer hunting festival’,
is organized in honor of the tribal God of Winneba, a fabulous opportunity to experience the climax of a Fanti festival.
The tour is enriched by the visit to the Ashanti people, one of the last glorious African kingdoms.


Finding Your Roots in West Africa
10 Days / 9 Nights Ghana – Togo – Benin

Finding your roots!
This is a specialized itinerary focusing on the history of slavery and voodoo,
considering that the last originated in Togo and Benin, brought to America by the slaves.
Therefore, we think that a trip aiming at discovering the roots must take voodoo in great account.
The other focus is the Ashanti kingdom as the symbol of “African pride”.
They were the ones who fought the colonizers with a tough resistance
and today their origin makes them very proud Ashanti people.
Lastly, we included the city-life of Accra and Lomé.

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