Congo (Brazzaville) Safaris


Our newest excitement is building in the Republic of Congo (the good Congo)! For those of you wanting a bit more of the wild side of Africa…..  a must do is a visit to see the Lowland Gorillas in the Odzala-Kokoua National Park:

After a wonderful hour together watching the Neptuno Group go about their business it was time to head back to camp. Wherever one places a foot or pulls back a branch in this vibrant ecosystem life comes pouring in: nippy yellow-backed duiker, naughty putty-nosed monkeys and noisy black-casqued wattled hornbills were only a few of the jungle residents we saw on the walk back to Ngaga Camp.
Back in the lap of luxury at Ngaga, the mood was a contemplative one. We couldn’t quite put our finger on it, but everyone agreed that being so close to these great apes was a humbling experience. The likeness that we see in them is mystifying and makes the experience so much more than just a human-animal interaction. When you catch the eyes of a gorilla something primal stirs within you… a connection from hundreds of thousands of years ago.
Craig Glatthaar

Ngaga Camp

To experience the Lowland Gorillas in Congo, the Odzala-Kokoua 6 Nights / 7 Days Safari package is now available at Africa Discovery.

Cindi LaRaia

Botswana 2013 Special Offers!


New Relais & Chateau Properties

Wow! Congratulations to Zarafa in Botswana and Royal Chundu in Zamia on becoming the first Relais & Chateau members – this is a great achievement.

With just four luxurious rooms Zarafa and Island Lodge at Royal Chundu make the perfect combination for a small group or family of eight celebrating a special occasion. Offering seclusion, privacy, style and a wide choice of activities these two stunning yet very different properties will appeal to discerning guests seeking a great safari experience in two spectacular and very different locations.

Cindi LaRaia

Africa Discovery For 2013!

You all know by now how much I love my beloved Africa! I recently returned from escorting my fun fun fun group to Tanzania in October, I sadly said goodbye to them, subsequently I ventured on to Uganda to visit a friend and trek with the incredible Mountain Gorillas!!!

Tanzania was amazing in October with the Migration of the 1.4 million Wildebeest crossing back over the Mara River into the Serengeti. We stayed at Lemala Mara seasonal tented camp where we could see the river from our camp. We were lucky charms and had the Luck of the Irish, thank you Tom Hosey (we traveled with our very own Leprechaun)! We saw everything and had way too much fun on our safari in both the Serengeti and the Selous. See my trip report!………..

It is time to travel! What’s on your bucket list? Africa!! Questions: Where to go in Africa? Is it your first time? Where is the best experience, the best country, great culture, adventure? Where do I begin to look? of course! Call me, email me! I can help you! Basically the truth is this, no matter where you go in Africa, you will fall in love with it, you will see more animals than you can imagine, you will have surprises you never dreamed could happen, and you will be hooked and love it like I do.

Cindi LaRaia