Ride Kenya – Chyulus

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Ride Kenya – Chyulus

Experience an amazing wilderness riding experience at kenya’s ol Donyo Lodge, exploring 275,000 acres of private, open plains with dramatic volcanic hills to explore.

Ride Kenya – Chyulus offers ol Donyo Lodge resident guests a truly unique horseback experience.

Guests with little or no prior hore riding experience, including children over 12 years, are able to enjoy gentle walking saddleback wildlife viewing experiences of up to 90 minutes out on the open plains.

There is no additional charge for this wildlife viewing experience for ol Donyo Lodge guests.

For those Intermediate riding guests that are more advanced in their riding skills and are confident on an English trained horse have the ability of riding out at both the rising trot and canter.

Guests who are Advanced in their riding skills and are experienced, riding fit and confident on forward going English-trained horse will have the chance to ride at all paces including moving over un-even terrain.

All riders regardless of skills basis will be required to have a short assessment in the arena prior to setting out. The difference between an intermediate and advanced ride is simply pace and route. Each ride is tailored to the group’s riding ability.

Morning rides go out from around 07h00 and can be up to 4 hours in length – once again depending on guest’s riding skills and experience. Afternoon rides go out at 16h30 and are 90 minutes. Both sessions are subject to availability of guides and horses. Longer rides can be organised in advance with the manager or at the time of reservation ideally.

The Horses

ol Donyo Lodge has 5 South African Boerperds, which is one of the few native breeds of horse in Africa. These are well known for their steady temperament, endurance and versatility. They are typically 15hh in height and were the cavalry horse of choice for the South African Afrikaner people in the South African wars of the late 1800’s.

We also have quite a number of Warmbloods, mostly a Thoroughbred crossed with a Shire, which makes a steady but athletic horse for the taller rider.

Finally, there is a Somali pony and some local Kenyan Thoroughbreds, not to mention the pure bred Percheron, who is the only French draught horse in Kenya!

wilderness riding experience at kenya’s ol Donyo Lodge

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