Explore Floodplains around Jao Camp in Okavango Delta


If you are looking for the very best opportunity to see a great diversity in Africa my recommendation would be to visit Botswana. Botswana is Africa's shining light, with a stable democracy, peaceful people, honest politicians (yes) positive GDP growth and money in the bank are the reasons for this countries success! The county is huge with many different geographic areas, which account for the huge diversity in animal life. Most of Botswana lies in the Kalahari Desert, the Okavango Delta a wondrous wetland within a desert, receiving its waters from rain over a thousand kilometers away from Angola, sustaining a huge diversity of flora and fauna.

For instance in the north east of the country; the Chobe and Linyanti parks are renowned for their predators and large concentrations of game. Giant herds of hippo, crocodile, elephant, red lechwe, zebra, giraffe, sable, roan, waterbuck, buffalo, baboon, monkey, warthog, lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog and hyena. Here you can do different activities such as mokoring, which is a lovely way to be a part of the delta in a small boat while your guide uses a pole to traverse this enchanted area. Also daily game drives and short nature walks are part of activities in Botswana.

Botswana is by far the fairest of them all in terms of most diversity of wildlife and abundance. The camps we use are in private concessions, which harbor the most prolific game in Botswana. An ideal itinerary would be to spend 2 to 3 nts in each area of the Okavango Delta, starting or ending in Victoria Falls. You could easily spend at the minimum 7nts up to a full 12 nts enjoying the magnificent diversity of this amazing country!

The Green Season

Why travel to Botswana during The Green Season?

The Green Season is the wet season. This is from December through March.

During Botswana’s green season, rainstorms usually arrive in the late afternoon and last for short lengths of time. This is a great time to go to Africa to avoid large crowds and it’s less expensive. We call this the secret season because it is the best value season in Africa.

Green Season offers a different side of Africa, when breeding and hunting occurs amidst rich vegetation. The green season is unquestionably the best time to visit as additional species migrate to the country to breed and nest.

This is the time when grazing animals give birth, so you’ll likely spot young impala, springbok and zebra trailing behind their mothers. In turn, the area’s predators—leopard, lion, cheetah, spotted hyena and wild dog—target the vulnerable babies, and dramatic hunting scenes may unfold in front of you. Large herds can be found grazing on the plentiful grass in the Kalahari at this time of year, too.

The lush foliage of the green season, contrasted with the stunningly blue African sky, creates a remarkable backdrop for photographers. And an afternoon storm may reward you with a rainbow or two streaking across the sky.



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