Sudan is place, where we can find two completely different faces of Africa. On the one hand is the dry and desert north of the Sahara, on the other hand are the rich in life savannas of central Africa and the rainforests in the south of the country. Therefore, on the territory of Sudan can be seen almost all major types of landscapes that Africa can offers. Besides location, size of the territory also plays an important role. From south to north through the country runs the River Nile. Passing through the northern parts of Sudan, the river separates the Sahara Desert into two parts - Libyan desert to the west and the Nubian Desert to the east. The longstanding Nature of Sudan conflicts in the country have affected quite negatively on local wildlife. Today with the advent of peace in some parts of the country wildlife is recovering gradually. But in other parts of Sudan the situation is still quite severe, and nature is still suffering of this fact.

Information courtesy of Sudan Embassy-Berlin