Borana Lodge

Laikipia, Kenya - Classic 4

Borana Lodge - Laikipia - Kenya Safari Lodge

Borana is a fully hosted, family-owned eco-lodge located within the vast area of the Ewaso ecosystem. Snow-tipped peaks and the glaciers of Mount Kenya to the south; a panorama of mountains and desert to the north, Borana provides an idyllic setting for any African experience. Home to the Dyer family for three generations, the ranch - 17 miles north of the equator and 6,000 feet above sea level - is free from the malarial mosquito and the nights are cool.

Organically constructed from local building materials and dead wood collected from the ranch, the result is a supremely comfortable and luxurious lodge, entirely in harmony with its surroundings. Eight secluded cottages with verandahs and spacious en-suite bathrooms have their own private views down to the Samangua Valley. Open log fireplaces are lit in the rooms every night, filling them with warmth and ambient light. Power is provided 24-hours a day through an inverter system.

Borana Lodge - Laikipia - Kenya Safari LodgeBorana Lodge - Laikipia - Kenya Safari Lodge

All areas of the Lodge overlook a lake that is a popular watering hole for the local animals. From the infinity pool guests can watch the elephants wandering their well-trodden path to drink from the lake, or simply relax, read and soak up the sun. An opulent sitting room has inviting sofas and armchairs surrounding a huge open fireplace with picture windows guaranteeing a continuing vista to the plains below.

Borana is well-known for its excellent food, which utilizes the fresh produce from the kitchen garden, orchards and farm to create delicious cuisine for its guests. The kitchen is more than happy to cater for all food preferences and allergies, but please inform us of any dietary requirements prior to arrival. Communal dining is encouraged but if you would prefer to have private dinners, we can organize this on request.

Borana Lodge - Laikipia - Kenya Safari LodgeBorana Lodge - Laikipia - Kenya Safari Lodge

There is an enormous choice of activities from which to choose in order to make the most of your time in an area of Kenya where the wildlife population is second only to the world-famous Maasai Mara. Laikipia is host to the highest populations of endangered species in the country. Explore the wild and beautiful landscape by vehicle, horse, foot or mountain bike, getting close to the wildlife in its natural habitat to spot wildlife including reticulated giraffe, elephant, oryx, hartebeest and Grevy's zebra. Take a picnic lunch and spend the day in the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, which hosts half of Kenya's total population of the endangered black rhino or charter a helicopter and be whisked off to the remote northern regions to explore a region far off the beaten track defined by inaccessible ravines, spectacular rock formations, volcanic craters and saline water pools heaving with crocodiles and water birds.

Riding Wild

For experienced riders, custom-made riding safaris lasting from one to four days offer the ultimate horseback experience. Explore the northern wilderness, the neighbouring wildlife-rich ranches and the purple moorlands and lakes surrounding Mount Kenya. The peacefulness of riding through the wilderness without any sounds save that of your horse, your companions and the African bush is an unparalleled experience.

The safaris start from Borana Lodge or Laragai House and each night is spent either in our private fly camp, one of the community owned eco-lodges, Tassia & Ilngwesi, or alternatively Lake Rutundu's beautiful log cabins on the slopes of Mount Kenya. The fly camp is a lightweight private mobile tented camp, easy to move from one location to another, with bucket showers and outside loos. It allows you to appreciate the authentic safari experience: delicious steaks cooked on the open fire, the spectacular night sky as your canopy and falling asleep under canvas surrounded by the night sounds of the bush.

The horses are thoroughbred or thoroughbred-cross, standing between 14.2hh and 16.3hh. They are all well-schooled and ridden in snaffle bridles. An evening ride before departing on safari allows guests to familiarise themselves with their horse and provides the opportunity to make any necessary alterations to horse & rider combinations. Guests will ride the same horse throughout the safari.

Riding Wild's safaris take place within the diverse Ewaso ecosystem. Increasingly acknowledged as one of the most important areas for biodiversity in Kenya, wildlife population densities in the Laikipia region rank second to the internationally renowned Masai Mara ecosystem. The diversity of large mammals is higher than in any other part of Kenya. Laikipia hosts the highest populations of endangered species: black rhino (half of Kenya's total population), Grevy's zebra (70% of the world's population), reticulated giraffe, the only viable population of Lelwel hartebeest in the country and Africa's only expanding population of wild dog.

Borana Lodge - Laikipia - Kenya Safari Lodge, custom-made riding safaris

  • Experience through: Night & day game drives; guided wildlife, birdlife & scenic walks; sundowners; picnics; bush dinners; mountain biking (from the Lodge/Laragai).
  • Optional extras: Visits to Kisima floriculture projects; excursions to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy; cultural visits and scenic flights in a helicopter, fixed wing-aircraft or Waco bi-plane.