Segera Retreat

Laikipia, Kenya - Premier 5

Segera Retreat - Six timber and thatch villas project above a profusion of botanical life and from their raised wooden platforms gaze out onto the surrounding savannah, swingbeds below providing the perfect shaded midday relaxation. The sumptuous Segera House and perfectly-positioned Villa Segera boast similarly spectacular views and even greater privacy and luxury. Each villa includes in its décor original, individually selected paintings and other art from amongst Africa's most inspiring artists.

Overlooking snow-capped Mount Kenya, beautifully renovated stables form the core of the main area, filled with selected art of locally and internationally acclaimed African artists. Guests also have the rare opportunity to view the private collection of Segera's owner, including a number of striking sculptures that dot the botanical garden.

Activities are all facilitated through a Villa Attendant, are flexible and can be tailor-made to one's requirements and preferences. Guests are further spoiled for choice with a spa, gym and central pool. Meals and private dining are served al fresco or in the various reception rooms, the cuisine comprising Segera's own free-range beef and organic vegetables.