Mara Simba Lodge

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Mara Simba Lodge - Maasai Mara - Kenya Safari Lodge

The Mara experience has remained the once-in-a-lifetime dream of safari lovers ever since the days when hunters thronged the region in search of the ultimate black-maned lion trophy. Natural home to the "Big 5" game, a safari to Kenya cannot be said to be complete without it. During the months of August to November, thousands of visitors get down to the Maasai Mara to witness one of the most spectacular phenomena on earth. Stretching as far as the eye can see, a teeming mass of zebra, wildebeest, and topi, trailed by scavengers make way into the Mara plains from the Serengeti, in what is known as the Great Migration.

It is estimated that over two million animals take part in the journey. When planning for a holiday it is recommended that you set aside 3-5 days in order fully appreciate your stay at the Mara.

Mara Simba Lodge - Maasai Mara - Kenya Safari LodgeMara Simba Lodge - Maasai Mara - Kenya Safari Lodge

The Mara Simba lodge sits overlooking a dramatic bend on the bank of the Talek, a tributary of the Mara River, gently blending into the surrounding wilderness. Stretching almost a kilometer along the river the grounds on the bank remain in their virgin condition, while the landscaped gardens filled with indigenous trees at the back draw a great variety of birds and butterflies. The lodge was conceived with an emphasis on exclusivity and comfort. It was designed to complement its surroundings and is decorated in Maasai traditional style. Wide, well-lit pathways connect the Public areas and rooms.

At the Mara Simba, special care is taken to conserve the environment. The Mara Simba is the only truly environment friendly lodge in Kenya as it is the first to install a sewage treatment plant. The plant provides crystal clear water that is used for irrigation.