Mwiba Lodge

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania - Premier 5

Mwiba Lodge is set among massive stone boulders, ancient coral trees and acacias, overlooking the Arugusinyai River cascading down its rocky gorge. Vast and privately controlled, this exquisite 125,000 acre wildlife reserve is lush with color-infused botanicals, saturated with wildlife and features 33 freshwater springs.

The interiors are an artful combination of both traditional and modern design elements, and the architecture breathes life into the landscape's behemoth boulders.

The lounge invites relaxation with ease and style, and looks over the riches of the undulating landscape beyond. One level below from the cool respite of the infinity pool, guests can enjoy the sights and sounds of a constant parade of wildlife coming to drink from the valley's springs.

The ten double suites all give way to a wide-open layout, conceived with the aim of making the most of each spectacular vantage point. Inside, traditional canvas accented with copper features, vast soaking tubs, private outdoor showers and hardwood decks conspire to offer an experience of the wilderness unlike any before.