‘PURE Life Experiences’ trade show in Marrakesh, Morocco!
September 2017

Camels in Sahara desert

As I pen this on the flight back to San Francisco, I marvel at the quality of the PURE Experiential trade show I was invited to attend in Marrakesh!

I have vied to be a part of this experience for several years. I feel blessed and honored for the opportunity!

This show is by far the very best of any Travel Trade show I have attended in 26 years in the business. I met a multitude of high end travel agents and cream of the crop suppliers and vendors from around the world.

I qualified because of the type of travel we offer our guests, we have grown from Scuba Dive adventures around the world to offering 22 countries in Africa (now 23 with Morocco); and many unique diverse countries and continents around the world.

We are tireless in our exploration for new and exciting experiences for our valued guests. We understand the value of research & knowledge into new frontiers and destinations.

This trade experience is all about consultations with the finest operators in many different countries around the globe.

We personally seek out what we love the most. Adventure, cultural immersion, wildlife, exotic encounters, gastronomic and wine fusions. I would say mostly 5 star, however some unique places that talk to us, may not have 5 star capabilities. However the encounter will be 5 star!

Do you want to be transformed? We will only offer travel that will change you! That is a big statement, it is what we do!


Before and after the PURE trade event, I spent several days traveling around Morocco to first hand visit and experience what I would want to offer our guests.

The High Atlas Mountains offer 2 very unique Kasbah experiences. Kasbah Tamadot is owned by Sir Richard Branson, a gorgeous elegant yet relaxed Kasbah in a lovely setting. This is Berber territory, a happy endearing people that are farmers living in the most gorgeous mountains in Morocco. They have lived this way for centuries.

Kasbah Tamadot
Kasbah TamadotKasbah TamadotKasbah Tamadot
Kasbah Tamadot

Kasbah Toubkal is more for the adventurer, it is further up into the high Atlas, at one point there are no more roads. This is a lovely hike up through the Berber villages until you reach the Kasbah. For those not able to make the hike, they offer mule rides to get there also! Mules and donkeys are the main forms of moving ‘stuff’ here!

Chris and Mike, 2 brits have spent years rebuilding this dilapidated old historic Kasbah. They have done a most splendid job of it! The views are stunning with a view of the 2nd tallest mountain in Africa, Toubkal! They have guides that will take hikers to the mountain, basecamp or to the top if you desire! We met a couple that returned about 2:30pm, they left at 5:00am that morning and somehow (without not much time acclimatizing) they summited at 13,000 ft and returned same day! They were young and fit! Someday I would like to do this!

I spent several fun days being active in the desert. Not far from Marrakesh, you can have different tented experiences!

This is the stone desert; you can quad bike, ride camels, for sure spend 1 night in lovely fully ensuite tents, be entertained by guides and astronomers!

For the real Sahara desert experience this would be done via driving and spending several nights on the way and in the Sahara Desert. I learned there are many camps but too close to each other. Of course I have ‘the operator’ that only operates far from others, you are guaranteed to never see any other people but your own Sahara desert experience with your guide!

Sahara desertRiding camel in the Sahara desert


I flew to Fez for 2nts staying at the most wonderful Riad (house {hotel}) in the Old Medina (walled City) dating from the 9th century.

I fell in love with Fez, unlike flat Marrakesh, it was built in the basin of the surrounding hills. This is the oldest city in Morocco with amazing history from the earliest days of trading. When it rains, they get the water! An oasis in the desert!

The Palais Amani was restored with love and sits just inside the old Medina, with only 12 beautiful rooms. A fountain in the central garden attracts birds and butterflies. The most memorable were the sounds of all the very close by Mosques at the call to prayer! A surreal cacophony of the calling and blending of about 7 very nearby Mosques. Especially wonderful was the last call of the day after the sun has set. Rooftop drinks, cool evening breezes and the medley of calls is unforgettable.

Palais Amani

Having a guide take you through the medina is a must. A full day tour will offer both the old Medina and the newer Medina from the 14th century. People live as they did way back when. Truly an amazing day to learn the way of the maze and how it all works. 70% of the local merchants live in the Medina.

Truly real and authentic; the spices, butchers, sweet makers the metal works all done by hand! It is endless; the carpets, tagines, pottery and dishes, fabrics, sights and sounds all permeate the senses!

The hotel offers a true old world Hamman body scrub. An outstanding experience that must not be missed!

Marrakesh offers many luxurious hotels and Riads. Whatever your style is, you will find it here. Personally I love the Riads, they are small within the Medina walls, a true old world experience with luxury!

The people are most warm and welcoming! Often asking where you are from and offering a ‘very big welcome’. So cute!

Marrakesh is a city that sums up all of Morocco's exotic North African charm. The city's name provided the root for the name of the country itself, spelling out this town's importance down the ages. Within the hustle of the city core you'll find old and new clashing and blending. This in itself creates the exotic nature of the City.

Snake charmers and smooth shop operators both compete for your attention amid a noisy, colorful bustle that encapsulates Morocco's vibrant soul.

For shoppers this city is famous as a frenzied hub for bargain hunting. For history lovers the many museums and monuments are some of the country's not to be missed star attractions. And for those who just want to dive into local culture, the Medina offers Moroccan life in all its hectic glory.


I had a fun last day alone getting lost and found in the oldest largest square called Djemaa El Fna. It sits inside the Medina with all the ‘souks’ (bizarre) around it!

I was not sure what to expect. I was most pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of the merchants! The men were respectful and if I spent a lot of time looking and bartering, and leaving, they all bowed and said thank you!

Bartering is a must so be prepared! Everyone helps you if you get lost. It is good fun and really opens you to a new culture and the utmost friendliness of these Arabic people! It was a joy!

I am excited to be offering a new country to our ever growing travel offers!!!

Stay tuned!!!

Cindi LaRaia