Khayelitshe House

Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe - Classic 4

“Khayelitshe” is an Ndebele word that describes a home, in the context of a rural home ekhaya where traditionally the entire family resides. The surroundings of Matopo which are characterised by huge boulders (litshe) of weathered granite, balancing and leaning against each other, gives one the impression of a land of silent giants. These collections of rolling granite hills are probably one of the largest concentrations of exposed granite in the world and over thousands of years have been inhabited by various tribes, the most fascinating and well known being the era of the San/ Bushmen.

Matopo has the world’s highest concentration of rock art that can be seen through a series of short hikes to well-known sites, many of which are sacred. Small hikes can be done from the house that will keep any visitor fascinated. Hiking and biking can be done without a guide. However, a knowledgeable guide will bring to life the incredible landscape that the Matopo has become well known for.

The private land around Khayelitshe covers over 1200 acres of prime biking and hiking country with the Mamlongwe River as its eastern boundary. There are a few small hikes that can be done from the house. This was the safe haven used by previous inhabitants as a home.