Botswana Safari Attractions

Okavango Delta

The Okavango River rather eccentrically, does not flow into the sea but into the greatest inland river delta in the world. The Delta is not the place for abundant big game, however, the crystal clear waters and little islets shelter rich and varied bird and plant life. There is a multitude of smaller animals. Paddle your way around the tangle of waterways in the traditional mokoro or dug-out canoe.

Chobe National Park

Not far from the Okavango Delta is Chobe, an area of rolling grassland renowned for its vast elephant population. The enormous Makgadikgadi salt pans, once a great lake, are home to flocks of rosy flamingos, herds of blue wildebeest and various antelope.

The Kalahari Desert

The great Kalahari Desert covers over 80% of Botswana. The landscape is neither harsh nor inhospitable, but supports a great number of wildlife species. The Kalahari is a semiarid zone of sands, savannah and grasslands stretching from the southern reaches of the Congo to the Orange River in the Cape. Vast salt pans pepper the surface, and it is here, that the African Kalahari wildlife gather. The lakes the salinity is too high for them to drink but they are attracted to the greater diversity of vegetation and high mineral deposits.

Kalahari antelope species include eland, springbok, gemsbok, steenbok, hartebeest and duiker. There are also giraffe, kudu, warthog, jackal, hyena and bat-eared fox. The Kalahari is famous for its bushmen - the San people. They are traditional hunter-gatherers said to live the lifestyle closest to that of the people of the Stone Age. Only found in Botswana, Namibia and Angola in any numbers, these people are now finding it necessary to move into the twentieth century. Their way of life is fading so you will not be able to observe it for many more years.


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