Botswana Highlights Expedition

This is the ultimate Botswana mobile camping journey. Over eight adventure-filled nights you will have the opportunity to experience four of Botswana’s most prized regions, from the renowned Chobe and Savute to the game-filled Okavango Delta and the dramatic scenery of the Nxai Pans National Park, you will be truly spoilt for choice at the many highlights these destinations have to offer.

This tour has been carefully created to coincide with the arrival of the zebra migration in the Nxai Pans and travels from February to April (the regions rainy season and best time to travel). Here, you will also have the opportunity to see bountiful wildlife, which are drawn to the replenished waterholes that dot the landscape.

In addition to the dome tents that will be your home throughout your journey, you will also stay for two nights in the spacious &Beyond Savute Under Canvas tents when visiting the Savute leg of your tour. As an added delight you also have the option to include the Victoria Falls onto your itinerary.

Botswana Highlights Expedition - Map


  • Rustic and comfortable mobile camping allows you to get closer than ever to the spectacular African wilderness, with the same personalised &Beyond experience.
  • Your entire journey will be hosted by our most senior and experienced private guides who offer a wealth of knowledge about your chosen destinations and an engaging experience throughout your adventure.
  • Your mobile camping adventure is fully inclusive – from the time you arrive in Botswana, every aspect of your journey will be conveniently organised for you.
  • This ultimate African safari adventure guarantees an intimate, exclusive experience with a minimum of two guests and a maximum of six guests per departure, ensuring window seats on game drives for all. Children over 12 years of age are welcome.
  • Summing up this incredible experience are some of Botswana’s most prized destinations, all brimming with awe-inspiring landscapes and an assortment of wildlife, which range from the mighty elephant and proud lion to an assortment of plains game and birds. Destinations include the Chobe National Park, Savute, Okavango Delta and Nxai Pans National Park.
  • The opportunity to witness the annual zebra migration.
  • Excellent time of year for birding.
  • Visit the Volcanic outcrops and Bushmen paintings in the Savute.

Botswana Highlights Expedition - TentBotswana Highlights Expedition - Tent interior
Botswana Highlights Expedition - Tent toiletBotswana Highlights Expedition - Tent shower

Day 1 Kasane to Chobe National Park
Day 2 Exploration day in Chobe National Park
Day 3 A game drive transfer into the beautiful Savute area of the Chobe National Park
Day 4 Exploration day in Savute
Day 5 Savute to Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta
Day 6 Exploration day in Moremi Game Reserve
Day 7 Fly to Maun. Road transfer to Nxai Pan National Park
Day 8 Exploration day in Nxai Pan National Park
Day 9 Nxai Pan National Park to Maun for departure

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 - 2: Chobe National Park

Your journey begins at Kasane Airport where you will meet your private guide who will accompany you throughout your adventure. Your guide will then drive you to a secluded camp site in Chobe National Park, where you will spend two nights. Chobe National Park is home to thrilling action-packed wildlife interactions and the largest concentration of elephants in Africa. Here you can embark on thrilling game drives and enjoy a spectacular private boat cruise on the Chobe River. Experience unforgettable game drives and private boat cruises on the Chobe River.

boat cruise on the Chobe River

Day 3 - 4: Savute

The next leg of your tour will be a game drive transfer into the beautiful Savute area of the Chobe National Park. Here, surrounded by pristine wilderness, you will spend two nights where your accommodation will change from the standard dome tent to a more spacious Meru-style tent. Offering five tents, &Beyond Savute Under Canvas allows you to interact with other guests that may be staying there during your expedition, the ideal time to swap stories of your captivating safari. The area is known for its large prides of lion, African wild dog, leopard and spotted hyena that prowl the landscape in search of prey. Adventures in the Savute include game drives and the opportunity to see volcanic outcrops and Bushmen paintings.

8 Night Botswana Highlights Mobile Safari

Day 5 - 6: Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta

After exploring the Savute, you will embark on a scenic game drive to the glorious Moremi Game Reserve within the Okavango Delta for a two night stay, where you will be spoilt for choice with the assortment of excellent wildlife sightings in the area. This particular region of the Delta offers some of the best wildlife encounters where you can see lion, leopard, African wild dog, kudu, elephant, semi-aquatic lechwe, hippo and giraffe.

walking safari

Day 7 - 8: Nxai Pan National Park

On the final leg of your journey you will be flown to Maun where you will be collected by vehicle and driven to the dramatic landscapes of the glorious Nxai Pans, where breathtaking vast open spaces, with desert-like pans, await. During the rainy season, this area bursts into life and invites various animals, including the aweinspiring zebra migration, to congregate around its waterholes. During your two night stay at the delightful Nxai Pans National Park you will encounter dramatic landscapes that draw lion, plains game, brown hyena and the annual zebra migration during the rainy season. Adventures include game drives, stargazing and an opportunity to venture to the magnificent cluster of giant baobabs in the area.

Day 9:

Today, your guide will accompany you to Maun and will wave a fond farewell as you board your flight homeward from Maun International Airport.

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Day 1 - 2: Dome tent, fully serviced en-suite mobile camping

Dome tent for 8 Night Botswana Highlights Mobile Safari

Day 3 - 4: &Beyond Savute Under Canvas
fully serviced en-suite mobile camping

Tent - 8 Night Botswana Highlights Mobile Safari

Tent interior - 8 Night Botswana Highlights Mobile Safari

Day 5 - 8: Dome tent, fully serviced en-suite mobile camping