Nature & Wildlife in Loango National Park

Visit one of the last untouched places on earth

Loango National park’s beach

Experience Loango National park’s variety of intact eco-systems: rainforest, lagoon, savannah and beach.

Where else on earth can you step straight from dense rainforest onto a beach nearly 100-km long with only crabs, buffalos and elephants for company? Away from the crowds of East and South Africa, Loango National Park in Gabon is Africa’s Hidden Paradise on earth. Come to Loango and experience a completely different type of Africa, filled with rainforests, lagoons and dark-watered rivers.

View buffalos on the Beach - Loango National park’s beach

View buffalos on the Beach

In the rainy season from November to April, you can find large mammals such as elephants and buffalos roaming freely on the beach.

View buffalos on the Beach - Loango National park’s beach

Experience the untouched nature

Sleep amidst the sounds of the jungle in our bush camp and feel at one with nature in our savannah camp looking out over the coastal grasslands towards the ocean.

Whale-watching - Loango National park’s beach


From mid-July to mid-September, humpback whales visit the waters around Loango Lodge.

4x4 Jeep Safari - Loango National park’s beach

Take part in 4x4 Jeep Safari

Go out on a game drive to view the park and see wildlife such as buffalo, elephant, red river hogs and sitatunga in Loango National Park.