Remote Zambia

Remote Zambia
11 Nights

Secluded camps in the South & North Luangwa
and exploration of the Bangweulu Swamps in search of the iconic shoebill.

Game drive - Remote Zambia

Remote Africa Safaris
South Luangwa National Park, North Luangwa National Park & Bangweulu Swamps

Located in the vast and game-abundant Luangwa Valley of Eastern Zambia, Remote Africa Safaris offers guests access to secluded camps and excellent game viewing opportunities. Located on the east bank of the Luangwa River, north of the Nsefu Sector of the South Park, Tafika Camp is ideal for those who enjoy the serenity of the bush. Here, exceptional game viewing is combined with exciting activities including daily day and night drives, mountain bike safaris, walking safaris, visits to the local Mkasanga Village and microlighting in May. A few kilometres upstream, the Chikoko Trails comprises of two small and exclusive bush camps, Chikoko Tree Camp and Crocodile River Camp, from which unparalleled walking safaris are offered. Takwela Camp, in the remote North Luangwa, is Remote Africa’s latest addition, offering guests an intimate wilderness experience and the opportunity to visit a beautiful and unexplored area of the North Luangwa.

More recently, Remote Africa Safaris offers the opportunity to extend their itinerary to experience the Bangweulu Swamps. Shoebill Island Camp is nestled alongside the Bangweulu Wetlands and is one of Africa’s most spectacular wildlife secrets with diverse flora and fauna, exceptional birdlife and many endangered species on offer.

Remote Zambia - Map

Day 1 - 3 3 nights Tafika Camp
Day 4 - 5 2 nights Chikoko Trails
Day 6 - 8 3 nights Takwela Camp
Day 9 - 11 3 nights Shoebill Island Camp

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 - 3:

Arrive at Lusaka Airport. Fly to Mfuwe Airport. 4x4 to Tafika or a short flight* (optional extra).

3 x nights Tafika Camp

A Hide at Tafika Camp

Day 4 - 5:

The Chikoko Trails are only accessed by foot!

3 x nights Chikoko Trails

Chikoko Trails

Day 6 - 8:

4x4 from Chikoko Trails crossing points to Lukuzi airstrip. Fly to Mwaleshi airstrip. 4x4 to Takwela.

3 x nights Takwela Camp

Takwela Camp

Day 9 - 11:

3 x nights Shoebill Island Camp

Fly to Mfuwe Airport. Fly from Mfuwe to Lusaka. Depart

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Day 1 - 3:

Tafika Camp,
South Luangwa National Park


Day 4 - 5:

Chikoko Trails,
South Luangwa National Park


Day 6 - 8:

Takwela Camp,
North Luangwa National Park


Day 9 - 11:

Shoebill Island Camp,
Bangweulu Swamps